BioSur Foundation Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica, Puntarenas

We are a non-profit organization located in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, in a small town called Puerto Jiménez de Golfito, on the tip of the Osa Peninsula. BioSur Foundation is dedicated to maintain and conserve the biodiversity of the last Pacific Tropical Rainforest of Central America. This rainforest holds at least 50% of the Costa Rican wildlife and it is home to almost 3% of the world's biodiversity.
BioSur is open to working with researchers, students, and volunteers in our jungle facilities including an entomological laboratory, an insect collection with more than 8000 specimens, and 55 hectares of protected rainforest.

Right now, our organization keeps developing the Insectopia Collection project, adding 30 new species of insects every day for the last 12 years of scientific exploration. This collection is an important biological information bank to help understand the wildlife of the rainforest and its threats.

Almost 80% of the insects in the rainforest remain unknown or unnamed for science, for sure a large percentage of the insects associated with this rainforest will disappear for the next coming 30- 50 years with the advance of climate change.

We want to use this collection with the purpose to create the first Environmental Museum Center in our community. To generate a space that will let our local and foreign visitors observe and learn about the natural wealth of our territory and to raise awareness about the importance of conservation of the tropical rainforest to become a new natural heritage to give to the next generations.

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