Hope Kitchen

  • India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad

Hope Kitchen serves home cooked food thrice a week i.e. Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday to 500 kids/week. We started cooking & serving from 15 Dec 2018 and haven't missed a week so far. It takes approx. Rs.2000 to cook decent dinner for 300 people or Rs. 6/kid and that's less cost of 1 cup of Tea. As on 1st October 19 we have cooked served home cooked food to 12500 + children.
We cook food at home, use ingredients that we consume & serve it piping hot.

We distribute food in & around Bopal Area. We start cooking at 4.30 PM & by 7.00 PM we are done with the distribution. It a 3 step process.
1. Chopping, we have dozen odd knives & chopping board, enough for everyone
2. Cooking, you don't need to be a chef
3. Distribution, Taking Picture, Capturing Smiles, Loading Happiness

See you next weekend at Hope Kitchen.
Hope Kitchen Address:
Ramesh Sinha
113, Sharanam County, Opposite South Bopal Police Station, Ahmedabad
Phone: +91 99243 32267 (WhatsApp)

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