Karke Dekho Acha Lagta Hai


When God made this kingdom of earth, he made human beings as a part of this family, but man and his necessities split the entire family into groups on the basis of caste, creed, color and much more... May be each one of us somewhere in the corner of our heart has this thought but now to break the barriers and contribute towards humanity, 'Kar ke dekho a6a lagta hai' group invites you all to be a part of the noble cause.
Let us all be united and be an motivation to others to follow the same with a hope to spread happiness in the air...
Those innocent faces, those needy eyes, those wrinkled hands when will give blessings, noone can stop us...

Our humble request to Like, Share & Subscribe our channel and help us spread smile across the world.

Join us as a helping hand... !!!

For more information call 8469277739 - Raj

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