SAF-Teso (Shine Africa Foundation-Teso) is a Faith Based, Non-profit, Human Rights Based Advocacy Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Legally Registered with NGO Board, Ministry of Internal Affairs with REG NO 10050 and was established in 2006 as Shine Africa Ministries (SAM) by a group of indigenous community members who felt compelled to respond to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized people in the local communities particularly affected by civil war and poverty. SAF-Teso main focus is to empower the local people, and create sustainable change through increasing access to Life Skills, Education, income and basic health care services.

SAF-Teso is working to empower many underprivileged rural communities facing extremes of hunger, disease, poverty, poor Hygiene and Heath practices, social exclusion, unemployment and severe malnutrition. These issues adversely impacts local economic development and is creating social inequalities among the people.

WhatsApp number: +256781243684

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