Saath NGO

Since 1989, Saath has been working for inclusive development in India. Saath closely works with the deprived communities and empowers the socially marginalized by providing them livelihood services, and imparting skills leading to employment, health and education facilities. Saath focuses on livelihood services, child rights, human rights, young girls’ education, skill development and other community services. Focusing on the needs of the bottom of the pyramid, Saath's approach emphasizes market-based strategies for addressing the needs of the urban and rural poor.

At Saath, we believe that the poor comprise a large market, that they should be mainstreamed, and that serving the needs of the bottom of the pyramid provides important opportunities for enterprises, innovations and solutions.

We work on a variety of initiatives, including infrastructure, microfinance and insurance, livelihoods, public health, youth development and rural programs.

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