Sarwa NGO is a national level development organisaton working 2006 in of india through 3 projects on issues of education, healthcare, livelihood and empowerment of women and girls, directly benefitting over 2000 RESPECT GIRLS

Education of underprivileged children has been our core focus area as it is the key to addressing issues like health, poverty, unemployment, human rights etc. for achieving sustainable development at the grassroots, sarwa ngo operates through an integrated development model where it adopts a tow pronged approach of working of through community based organisations as well as direct implementation of its development initiatives.
Our programs................
Mission Education, a national level program of sarwa ngo , focuses on providing basic education to underprivileged children, thereby crating the process required for streamlining the underprivileged children to mainstream schools . At present, sarwa ngo has mission Education projects spread across 25 villages.
swabhiman is an initiative for empowerment of women and girl children through establishing health seeking behavior, providing educational support, empowerment through male involvement, sustaining the change by involving communities.

All donations are tax-exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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