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We are operating in Kyampisi sub-county in Mukono district, about 35Kms from Kampala city, the capital of Uganda. Kyampisi is a typical rural area with about 60,000 people, whose social-economic conditions are very poor. 97% of the residents are subsistence farmers who mainly grow food crops for home consumption.

The result of the above is a very poor economic base with more than 90% of the families living under the poverty line. The main source of income for people is farming, whose produce price has drastically fallen.

Our priority program is Water, Education, Environment, Social-Economic and Health. We are mobilizing the community to put up a community resource centre, which will be rendering general social services to the community.

For this reason, we would prefer to keep costs as low as possible. There is no obligation to fundraise, but if you do manage to raise some money you can put it directly into the project where you are volunteering. Here you can see exactly how your money is being used to help.


Ssamba Foundation is a community based development not-for-profit organization which was founded in 2006 by Isaac Ssamba. Ssamba Foundation provides long-term sustainable solutions to problems in rural Uganda which are mainly caused by poverty.

Ssamba Foundation collaborates with local, national and international partners in order to bring about sustainable improvements of life in Mukono District of Uganda in which it works. The organization’s head office is located in Kyampisi sub-county, Mukono District, Uganda.

Ssamba Foundation aims to improve the living conditions for the rural poor regardless of their faith, origin or gender with an emphasis on children, youth and women.


The volunteering is free through Ssamba Foundation, you only pay just $200 to book and confirm your placement. You can stay for up to 4 weeks and no extra fees required. If you want to stay longer than 4 weeks, you only pay for your accommodation and meals.

The volunteer placements organized by Ssamba Foundation are with local projects and will be the most rewarding part of your stay.

Almost everyone finds the first week of volunteering difficult between the language barrier and culture shock, but those challenges are so worth it when you start to feel at home in your project and begin to figure out what you can offer to help.


We arrange volunteer placements in Uganda at a variety of different projects falling under a number of categories. You can chat to past and current volunteers if you wish. Most of these projects are working towards long term sustainability. We have a set number of placements at each project, according to their needs.

Please read through the placements listed to get an idea of what we do, but for a more detailed description please contact us via email. The earlier you book, the wider range of projects there will be to choose from.


At Ssamba Foundation, the volunteer program options available are endless – we operate two schools, a women microfinance project, a community health clinic and social community center.

Volunteer Work with Children:

You can spend time interacting with children and encouraging their social and emotional development. You can focus on music, recreation, art, or other special areas of talent you have. If you are compassionate, creative, and love working with children, this is the program for you.

Volunteer Work at Micro-finance Project:

You can spend your time working with women at our microfinance project. There are many options for this program that can revolve around your level of knowledge about finance and business.

Volunteer Work at Community Health Clinic:

If you are interested in the health field, you can work in our community health clinic or one of our local partner hospitals. We also arrange a number of healthcare outreaches in rural communities of Mukono district.

Teaching/ education Volunteer Work:

Work with our local teachers in your field of expertise to help students learn the skills and information they need to succeed. You will be working in one of our schools, a primary and secondary school.

Volunteer Work at a construction/building project:

Focus on a building project based on your area of expertise, or work on one of the existing projects that needs an extra set of hands! This is a great opportunity to work with local adults and gives you the chance to truly see the impact you will leave behind. Past volunteers have built classrooms, health clinics, or even homes for elderly village members.

Social Work Volunteer Work:

Work in areas like sports program, music and arts, in villages across the Mukono district. This program has many options and often times volunteers end up creating a custom project based on their own ideas.

Contact Us:

Tel | WhatsApp| Signal | Telegram: +256-701-391351

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