• Kenya is facing a huge problem of deforestation in rural communities and waste management in urban areas. Over the years, people have been cutting down the trees and burning them to open up areas for farming. The project educates local communities on the importance of environment conservation and proper waste management.

    Go Volunteer Africa’s environment conservation volunteering project in Kenya aims at promoting sustainable environmental initiatives such as Tree Planting project and Solid waste management measures. The environment conservation volunteering project empowers local communities to take ownership of their forests and set up local forest conservation committees.

    Plant trees
    Work on a tree nursery
    Join environment education outreaches
    Sensitize public on responsible waste management practices.
    Develop mechanism to recycle and utilize waste in the county.
    Our Kenya environment conservation volunteering project focuses on waste management, waste reduction and recycling, resource optimization, environmental education and awareness-raising, and sustainability in agriculture.

    Volunteers at this project can work in the creation of environmental education materials so that community members can learn about ways to improve waste management and environmental protection in their community, and to get to know innovative and cost-effective techniques such building compost heaps and keyhole gardens, manufacturing bio-briquettes from waste paper and cardboard, and other solutions identified with the community.

    Go Volunteer Africa through this environment conservation project in Kenya is focused at providing clean and safe energy to needy communities members. Go Volunteer Africa offers the opportunity to volunteer on a conservation project in Kenya and impact the community. Volunteers participating on this volunteer program in Kenya, will experience traditional Kenyan life and participate in daily activities such as tree planting, pruning, schools and community tree planting outreaches, beach cleaning, waste management, recycling etc.

    The idea is to use the educational materials and techniques for further town and village communities throughout the host communities. There will also be more general environmental education teaching materials to produce and pilot in local schools. During the placement duration, participants will join creative recycling activities under the guidance of our team members.
  • Nairobi (Nairobi, Kenya)
    Kisumu (Nyanza, Kenya)
    Mombasa (Coast, Kenya)
    Malindi (Coast, Kenya)
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