AICOD Uganda

Action for Integrated Community Development (AICOD) is a Community Based Organisation established in 2009 as a response to the Community needs and challenges of marginalized children resulting from disability, HIV/AIDS, Poverty and hunger. Children with disabilities, orphans and other vulnerable children suffer from limited access to education and employment opportunities leading to economic and social exclusion. They are vulnerable to lack of social security and due to breakdown in the extended family system in Uganda coupled with limited land, shelter, food security, rehabilitation services and other socio-economic prospects. It must also be noted that such suffering do not only make these poor children vulnerable, but also limits their productive potentials and alternatives in life and thus live and die with resignation and self pity.

To contribute to the fundamental basic needs of vulnerable children especially those with disabilities and orphans living under difficult circumstances to minimum standards through home based rehabilitation, vocational skills training, advocacy, HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support services and establishment of institutional and physical structures that improve on their living conditions.

Communities where children with disabilities, orphans and other vulnerable children enjoy their full potentials and live a life of dignity and sustainable livelihoods.

AICOD works with families of children especially their mothers to build a sustainable process within their households and communities for their rehabilitation, growth and development.

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