Cause Marketing and Social Brand Awareness

What is Cause Marketing & how MY SELFLESS ACT can increase your organizations Social Brand Awareness?and

Studies have shown that the use of emotion helps target audiences take notice and improve recall of those advertisements. Organizations can make a positive impact on society, while also focused on profit.

Can Reshaping Plastic Economy Bring Better Results Than Enforcing a Ban?

The plastic items don't die for centuries and add to the pollution in the country and the world. Just to grab your attention, even some disposable plastic items are also destructive to the environment because when a recycling process is performed with that kind of plastic, it leaves some vicious chemicals which can get gel into water and soil.

Reshaping Plastic Economy

Let volunteers know their worth

Top 3 Ways to Let Volunteers Know Their Worth

Mostly the job of a volunteer is considered a thankless job. Volunteers often need to face rejections and that's why not many people show a willingness to volunteer for India and many leave it halfway. The community and NGO leaders can change this way by letting their volunteers know how gifted they are and what a big difference they are making.

Top Tips to Build Eminent Fundraising Volunteer Team

In any volunteer organization, the toughest part is not managing volunteer activities, it is raising funds. To raise enough funds, the organizations need to create a strong volunteer network that works along with the team with full gusto to raise more funds.

Fundraising Volunteer Team

Volunteer For Refugees

Volunteers Can Make a Positive Difference in Lives of Refugees

Refugees need our empathy and resources to survive. There are many different ways to take a volunteer spot for refugees and we will be sharing some of them in this article so you can choose the one you are expert in or comfortable with.

Seasonal Volunteer Opportunities for Youth

The best way to keep your life happy and year successful, you must give back to the community by grabbing one of the most suitable volunteer opportunities. People of all ages can participate in volunteer work. For young people, nonprofit organizations launch different youth volunteer opportunities based on the season.

Seasonal Volunteering

Volunteer For Disaster Relief

How to Help Natural Disaster Affected Communities?

The natural disasters are difficult to stop by us, but we all can help the needy people with some sort of volunteer work. All you need to do is connect with the right volunteer network and NGOs working for disaster relief.

How Can You Diminish Domestic Violence with Nonprofit Volunteer Opportunities?

We all like to see empowered women, but do you think women are really empowered in India? There is a very small number of women that is independent and empowered. The rest are still living in hell. One of the most common issues faced by women is domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Volunteering

Volunteers For Crime Prevention

How Volunteers Can Help in Crime Prevention?

Crime prevention is the attempt to reduce and deter crime & criminals. Day by day the world is becoming less secure and police cannot be everywhere. The gap between police and public is wide and that is why the responsibility of keeping ourselves and community crime free is ours. A secure environment is possible through community involvement in crime prevention.

How to Contribute in Women Empowerment Project in India?

There are still many women in India who are oppressed and live a miserable life. They need help to get out of this pity situation. This requires contribution from volunteers with any kind of volunteer work in favor of these underprivileged women.

Volunteer for Women Empowerment
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