Cause Marketing on MY SELFLESS ACT can increase your organizations Social Brand Awareness

Cause Marketing and Social Brand Awareness

Social Branding is a useful tool used commonly in modern brand building and targeted at sparking a dialogue with the brand's target audience. Studies have shown that the use of emotion helps target audiences take notice and improve recall of those advertisements. Such improved recall helps increase sharing and buying behavior. Cause marketing is utilized by socially conscious businesses and organizations that are making a positive impact on society, while also focused on profit.

For you to get the most out of your social-cause branding campaign, you can rely on an innovative new socially conscious networking community available on MY SELFLESS ACT. It is an online social networking platform where volunteers from around the country or world gather to inspire each other with their acts of kindness. MY SELFLESS ACT can help execute your social branding efforts through the following activities and strategies:

1. From the start, identifying and committing to causes appropriate to your community and environment that will enhance your community and the environment, while increasing your organizations brand value.

  • My Selfless Act provides a platform to share your selfless actions. This is the place where everyone who is committed to bring social change can meet and collaborate towards that common mission.

2. Identifying goals, tracking progress, and reporting successes to measure effectiveness over time.

  • My Selfless Act offers several methods for your organization to carry out its social branding campaign, through different kind of volunteering options in which you will get a chance to involve your customers and community members in your events or social activities.
  • If you want to encourage your employees to volunteer then My Selfless Act offers selfless ‘Perks’ as an incentive for the selfless work done by those in your organization. The Perks are important because rewarding people motivates them to do better in the world.

3. Finding partners and collaborate to share your corporate social goals – this can mean working with other for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, grassroots groups, and so on.

  • My Selfless Act provides access to globally recognized non-profit organizations, volunteers, and volunteer activities that share the same social mission as your social branding campaign. In this way, in a short time your campaign can be greatly accelerated!

4. Pinpointing the methods that will work best for your organization to publicize your social goals and results. You want your community members and your stakeholders to know of your successes and what you are doing to enhance human lives and the environment.

  • My Selfless Act is a global online social networking platform where volunteers gather locally to inspire each other with their acts of kindness. The online community can spread the word of your social campaign while generating word-of-mouth and goodwill in every community where your organization operates.
  • Your social branding campaign plays an important part in reversing the negativity that is so common on social media today. My Selfless Act wants to undo the negativity as much as possible through sharing good news about volunteering and social activities. Here your customers, organizations stakeholders can visit every day and see how your campaign is helping selflessly making this world a better place.

Developing a social brand will help to make your business or organization a positive force in the world and is sure to increase loyalty for your employees, customers, partners, boards, community members, and so on.

To know more about cause marketing and associate with altruistic activities contact MY SELFLESS ACT

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