Top Tips to Build Eminent Fundraising Volunteer Team

Top Tips to Build Eminent Fundraising Volunteer Team

In any volunteer organization, the toughest part is not managing volunteer activities, it is raising funds. To raise enough funds, the organizations need to create a strong volunteer network that works along with the team with full gusto to raise more funds. Generally, the team members are grouped as per their roles. Below are the most common fundraising committee roles:

→ Volunteer Fundraiser

In a group, there can be one or more volunteer fundraisers. This volunteer is a major driving force in the committee and responsible to achieve the set target of the funds. The fundraiser needs to perform various roles and some of them are as below:
- Maintain gusto in the team members
- Maintain relation with sponsors and donors
- Try to reduce cost and increase funds with different volunteer activities

→ Marketing

The members of this group are responsible to convey the aim of the volunteer network and market different volunteer fundraising campaigns. They perform the following activities:
- Create and execute a marketing plan for fundraising campaigns
- Create marketing material
- Capture word of mouth and other sorts of publicity
- Help in generating volunteer fundraising ideas
- Post about fundraising volunteering activities on social media

→ Logistic and Operations

The members of this group focus on managing different tasks and operations as well as often invest efforts in managing resources for fundraising activities & events. Below is the list of responsibilities performed by them:
- Approach vendors for decoration, food, etc.
- Create and manage timelines and checkpoints
- Arrange the venue, menu, etc.

There can be more people and groups in a volunteer organization. In any case, the first thing to build an eminent volunteer network is to find enthusiastic people and assign them suitable roles. Once your team is ready, you can apply one or more popular volunteer fundraising ideas. Some of them are as below:

→ Arrange an event

Instead of going door to door or performing telemarketing to raise funds, arrange some sort of event. Try to make it a fun event that can convey your message in an entertaining manner. The event organization is human and money intensive, but it can help you raise more funds for sure.

→ Sell tickets of the event

Encourage your volunteer network to sell event tickets to their family and friends. Also, further encourage ticket buyers to request their connections to buy the tickets. This helps in getting at least some funds for the committee.

→ Sell Sponsorship

Almost everyone has references to the people who can be a sponsor with certain donation. Encourage all committee members to get sponsors. This helps sponsors to get exposure and it helps you to gain some easy funds.

→ Street Shows

To increase sponsorship and ticket sales, arrange small street performances. This will increase the curiosity and interest of people and get you closer to the goal.

The people who work actively in this type of network know the importance of executing a well thought strategy for a fundraising program. Make sure you follow the best practices.

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