Top 3 Ways To Let Volunteers Know Their Worth Because They Are Priceless

Top 3 Ways to Let Volunteers Worth Their Worth

Volunteer work gives great self-satisfaction, but often volunteers find it tedious. Mostly the job of a volunteer is considered a thankless job. Volunteers often need to face rejections and that's why not many people show a willingness to volunteer for India and many leave it halfway. The community and NGO leaders can change this way by letting their volunteers know how gifted they are and what a big difference they are making. The top 3 ways to allure people take and pursue volunteer opportunities by letting them feel worthy are briefed below:

1. Let your volunteers know public reactions

As mentioned earlier, most people consider it a thankless job, but it is not that way. There are many people that appreciate people doing different kinds of volunteer work. Often, the gratitude and appreciation messages don’t go directly to all volunteers. Thus, you can pass these messages in each volunteer you have in your organization. You can also collect feedback or votes from the public and show the positive side of different volunteer platforms and works.

2. Convert numbers into benefits

Almost all organizations let their volunteers know about their contributors. The statistics related to the number of hours spent in doing some type of volunteer work or total funds collected from the captured volunteer opportunities, etc. are always shared by the leader. However, this is not really a motivating factor. To motivate your volunteers to keep going, let them know the difference they made with their volunteer work. For example, the number of families got food because of the last campaign or how the earth has cleaned with last month’s city cleaning campaign.

3. Educate volunteers about the long term and subtle benefits

Generally, people are part of the different volunteer campaigns as part of curiosity or enthusiasm, but as time passes, they lose passion and interest. Sometimes, they don’t see any clear difference they are making by being a proactive volunteer. For example, if your volunteer team cleans beach and then within a week or two, there is again as much litter as your team had cleaned the last time. This will shake the confidence of some of the volunteers. Thus, it is your duty to make them understand the worth of being part of a volunteer platform and performing such activities. Educate your volunteers about long term benefits of the work you all are doing. You can use statistics from other volunteer campaigns performed by your organization in the past or any other organization in the world.

These are the top 3 ways to handle volunteer opportunities and volunteers effectively. You can also try to get volunteers onboard that are ready to be part of the community for a longer period. Of course, those that participate occasionally or only once are equally important, but keeping the goal of getting long term or permanent members can help in spreading positivity and passion in all volunteers.

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