How Can You Diminish Domestic Violence with Nonprofit Volunteer Opportunities?

How Can You Diminish Domestic Violence with Nonprofit Volunteer Opportunities?

These days, almost everyone talks about woman empowerment. We all like to see empowered women, but do you think women are really empowered in India? There is a very small number of women that is independent and empowered. The rest are still living in hell. In fact, often we read about heinous crime reports against women. One of the most common issues faced by women is domestic violence. This issue is in existence for many years and still, it is overpowering women. If you think, it happens only in undereducated or poor families, you are mistaken. Even rich and educated families follow the tradition of domestic violence on women. Will women stay in the same situation forever? Not necessarily. We can volunteer today! We can try to stop all these and can bring actual woman empowerment by volunteering for women rights.

There are many nonprofit volunteer opportunities available to stop Domestic Violence. Let's understand some of them.

The first step to stop domestic violence is from home. If in your family or neighborhood, you see any woman facing domestic issues, then you can start volunteering for women rights there. You can try to stop that with discussion or by taking help of elder people in the family. If it doesn't stop there, then you can educate the woman under crisis about her rights and how she can get out of this situation.

Some volunteer platforms also provide other nonprofit volunteer opportunities. For example, individuals can help by answering the crisis hotlines made available for women. They can also take required emergency intakes, provide advocacy and facilitate support groups.

One simple thing you can do by yourself or with your friends, is to give presentation at different institutes & organizations about domestic violence awareness.

Some victims of domestic violence need shelter and some legal help as well when they file a case against the family. The volunteer organizations usually have a scarcity of funds. Thus, the volunteers can participate in activities in fund collection.

There are some volunteer groups that organize street play and drama to generate awareness about women rights against domestic violence. They go in different areas and perform drama based on domestic violence. One can participate in that to help.

If you know some kind of skills or art which can help these women to earn their own bread, you can choose to volunteer today with your art or skills you have. In the NGOs and nonprofit organizations, you can take classes for women and teach them basic skills that can help them grab a job. If you have some funds or resources which you can donate, you can do that as well.

These are some nonprofit volunteer opportunities available for all of us. One can choose one or more type of volunteer work towards women empowerment!

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