How Volunteers Can Help in Crime Prevention?

How Volunteers Can Help in Crime Prevention?

Crime prevention is the attempt to reduce and deter crime & criminals. Day by day the world is becoming less secure and police cannot be everywhere. The gap between police and public is wide and that is why the responsibility of keeping ourselves and community crime free is ours. We can contribute by becoming a CP (Community Policy) and apply policing strategies to reduce crime. The CP can take many actions for social and community crime prevention to keep the community and society secure and help police in doing their job more efficiently.

A secure environment is possible through community involvement in crime prevention. The purpose of community crime prevention is simple: to help you recognize your own vulnerability to crime, and reduce your risk by taking preventive action and cooperation with the police.

In this article, you will learn about the top 5 crime prevention strategies.

1. Be part of a local organization

Join an organization in your community which teaches the ways to prevent crime in a community and spread the words. Also, follow the learning and lead your family to do the same.

2. Set up

If possible use fencing and CCTV cameras. You can also join volunteer programs to do patrolling of your area in coordination with your local police.

3. Spread awareness and be aware

In any community, crime prevention awareness is very important. Take part in the awareness programs and learn different ways to prevent crime in a community. Educate your family, friends, and community about the facts you have learned. Keep your eyes and ear open to detect any suspicious activities going around you.
Also promote gender and social equality which helps to integrate violence prevention into society.

4. Report crime or suspicious activities

If you feel something wrong around you, don’t wait for some else to report the activity to police. Also don’t try to investigate things on your own. You can also use online apps or inform any of the nearby volunteer committee about the doubts you have. One of the most important recommendations for crime prevention strategies is to inform the police immediately about the suspicious activity. Use emergency numbers to call police or nearby help.

5. Mentor young people and kids

In teenage or small age, people are more likely to pick up the wrong way. They can adopt some wrong habits or do wrong things just for fun or easy money. Being adults, we must coach and mentor youngsters and kids. This is one of the tested and proven ways of preventing crime. Conduct crime prevention awareness program for youngsters and kids. You can also arrange a competition of music, dance, drama, painting, and other art forms to share ways to prevent crime in a community. This will make the awareness program fun and kids and youngsters will learn about the social and community crime prevention approaches.

If we all participate as a community police, all communities together can save the nation. Take your responsibilities of preventing crime today to make our nation crime free

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