How to Contribute in Women Empowerment Project in India?

How to Contribute in Women Empowerment Project in India?

As per the Constitution of India, women in India hold the same rights and freedom to live as men. There are many Indian women who could actually make big with this freedom of act and speech. However, there are still many women in India who are oppressed and live a miserable life. They need help to get out of this pity situation. This requires contribution from volunteers with any kind of volunteer work in favor of these underprivileged women. There are some NGOs in India that work in this direction and have many volunteers from India and all across the world that work for the women empowerment in different directions. If you are interested in contributing in this movement or know someone who would like to contribute by doing online volunteering for NGOS or go on-site to work more closely, here are the top 3 available options:

1. Educate with basic schooling

Most of underprivileged women are in that state because they are not well educated. They either never got a chance to go to school or had to drop because of circumstances. There are some volunteer opportunities which ran by the NGOs where you can teach these women basic Math and reading & writing so they can take care of the routine calculations in life and secure a job where basic education is require.

2. Generate Awareness

A majority of women are in that state because they are unaware of their rights. Some women are conservative and they think living the life they live is their destiny or culture. The nonprofit volunteer opportunities, let volunteers educate women about their rights. Giving a new direction to their thought process to live for themselves with dignity of course is the part of volunteering work one can do.

3. Provide Vocational Training

The nonprofit volunteer opportunities also provide the work of teaching basic skills to the women so they can earn some money without leaving their house as a majority of them have many responsibilities which stop them taking a full time job. For example, the volunteers with the skills of stitching can teach them professional stitching or teach them professional beautician course so they can start earning once finish learning.

These are the top 3 nonprofit volunteer opportunities which can be pursued in goodwill of women that still live in a miserable state. One can choose volunteer opportunities online or go on site to empower these women. Also you can participate to teach women self-defense if you have expertise or download women safety apps and offer your help by volunteering online.

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