Volunteers For Crime Prevention

How Volunteers Can Help in Crime Prevention?

Crime prevention is the attempt to reduce and deter crime & criminals. Day by day the world is becoming less secure and police cannot be everywhere. The gap between police and public is wide and that is why the responsibility of keeping ourselves and community crime free is ours. A secure environment is possible through community involvement in crime prevention.

How to Contribute in Women Empowerment Project in India?

There are still many women in India who are oppressed and live a miserable life. They need help to get out of this pity situation. This requires contribution from volunteers with any kind of volunteer work in favor of these underprivileged women.

Volunteer for Women Empowerment

Volunteer after Retirement

The Benefits of Volunteering in Retirement

Everyone stays engrossed in their full time job so much that after retirement all they get is loneliness. The feeling of void and doing nothing cause a lot of disease and sever healthcare issues. Thus, even after retirement, people prefer to stay active. The best option is to look for volunteer spot.

Find & Contribute Solutions on Volunteering with My Selfless Act

Do you know one of the major reasons people do not cash in volunteer opportunities that come at their way is because they do not know where to start from? We at My selfless Act are here to help with the same.

Solutions for Volunteering

Why People Do Not Volunteer

5 Reasons Why People Do Not Volunteer

"It is easy to know the path of wisdom but difficult to follow it" I read this in back in grade 1 of school. This statement has stayed with me and with time I have understood it could not be more correct. Even though we expect kindness & generosity to flourish in the world we seldom make the initiative efforts, do we?

What Extra Benefits Can You Get With My Selfless Act?

My Selfless Act is an online social networking platform where volunteers from around the country gather to inspire each other with their acts of kindness. Not only for inspiration & motivation but you can also find different types of non-profit volunteering opportunities as well.

Benefits With My Selfless Act

Volunteer in Summer Vacation

How Can You Help Poor People During Summer Vacations?

A lot of free time this summer? Confused on how to put it to the best use? Well, we have a great solution for you. Why not try Interning with an NGO? Well, all these opportunities are unpaid but here are the benefits you would earn out of it - Gain real-world experience, networking, and of course making a difference.

Top 5 Reasons For Volunteering As A Corporate Team

Work Life should be balanced with other things that give meaning to life. We need to rise up Maslow's hierarchy of needs because our sense of meaning evolves with us. Volunteering is an act that promotes a higher sense of self, and a finer sense of meaning.

Volunteering As A Corporate Team

Inspiring My Selfless Act Volunteers

Meet Inspiring Volunteers On My Selfless Act

My Selfless Act is an online platform that brings volunteer across the world together, promotes online volunteering opportunities and also spreads the good news to the world. With this portal, you can meet like-minded people and also get influenced and get guidance to start volunteering.

The 4 Most Common Characteristics Of Volunteers

The only thing meaningful in life is to conduct our actions in a way that they would not hurt anyone, better if we uplift them from their suffering. Let's know what are the common characteristics of volunteers that let happen effective volunteering.

Characteristics Of Volunteers
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