Let's Know What Extra Benefits You Can Get On MY SELFLESS ACT

Extra Benefits You Can Get On My Selfless Act

My Selfless Act is an online social networking platform where volunteers from around the country gather to inspire each other with their acts of kindness. Not only for inspiration & motivation but you can also find a lot of non-profit volunteering opportunities as well.

In this article, we are going to mention the added benefits of My Selfless Act

1. Get extra Perks

We believe that if rewarding people motivates them to do more good in the world then so be it. My Selfless Act will inspire you and will reward you for your selfless volunteering work. The more you spend time on My Selfless Act the more perks you can earn! Sign up to know more about this in detail.

2. Find Volunteering Opportunities Near You

With My Selfless Act you can find many volunteering opportunities nearby, also online volunteering for NGOs. You can choose for yourself in which ways you want to help the people around you - is it helping them with better health facilities, education, plant trees, etc.
You can even register to get updates from any volunteering organization around you.

3. Interactive Q&A

If you have any questions that you want to ask regarding volunteering or want to answer for the questions of others regarding volunteering activities or want to share your volunteering experience with friends, family & others, it is possible here.

4. Make Their Days Special

Nothing makes people living in impoverished areas, or specially abled people happier than when they are made to feel important. Majority of the times they feel socially isolated and ignored, and no human should be made to feel that way. Find ways to help these people on My Selfless Act without putting much effort. What you can do is to spend time with them on special days, and remember it is not necessary to bring things, it is necessary to bring love.

5. Spread The Good News

The only news that we see is negative most of the time. When you are constantly bombarded with such news, your view of the world gets tainted, it gets pessimistic and you start to think it is only bad in the world. We want to undo that as much as we can with our volunteering social media platform. Here every day you can see how people are helping each other selflessly and making this world a better place. It can increase your positive thinking and makes you happier and optimistic in life.

6. No Disadvantages of Other Social Media

The studies have shown that using too much social media platforms can negatively affects your mental health. It increases your stress, anxiety, depression, laziness and decreases your productivity. Also damages personal relationships, reduces family closeness and creates loneliness & social isolation.
But if you and your family are using My Selfless Act application then you will get rid of all these disadvantages, because volunteering can decrease the stress, anxiety, depression and it helps to keep body & mind healthy. There are family volunteering and group volunteering options available which can helps you to spend quality time with friends & family while helping others. Also you can try professional volunteering which helps you retain and sharpen old skills or develop new skills. It helps you expand your horizons and explore new career options. Volunteering in your community allows you to meet new people and provide best networking opportunities.

We have always been trying to be better at what we do to be the best volunteering app. Try this new social networking platform to stay inspired and positive. Download MY SELFLESS ACT App.

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