Find and Contribute Solutions on Volunteering with My Selfless Act

Find and Contribute Solutions on Volunteering with My Selfless Act

Do you know one of the major reasons people do not cash in volunteer opportunities that come at their way is because they do not know where to start from?

To make the world a better place you will have to perform the acts of kindness and create ripples of inspiration. We at My selfless Act are here to help with the same.

My selfless Act is a trailblazing volunteering social media platform that believes in inspiring people to volunteer non-profit. Along with a host of benefits like nonprofit volunteer opportunities, online volunteering for students, My Selfless Act is the right platform to start volunteering from.

The first thing to do with venturing into anything is to talk about it, My Selfless Act has designed a platform where you can give a solution or ask for one about topics ranging from education to women empowerment.

Select a cause to find the solution or to submit a solution and you can get more volunteering Ideas. If you don't have any idea where to start volunteering and you don't have any idea how to volunteer then must check My Selfless Act. You will get more inspirational volunteer activities and great volunteer opportunities on it.

This platform is designed keeping in the mind the following philosophies:

1. Involving More People

As mentioned earlier the first thing needed to start anything new is talking about, not just read about it. With this feature of My selfless Act, one can not only read about solutions that fellow volunteers have posted but also start sharing own experiences with others and invite friends & family members to create awareness about the noble cause to volunteer.

2. Bringing To Light

Initiating a dialogue brings light to many problems that are not being solved. Some problems in the society are not solved simply because people are not ready to talk about them and thus there is no awareness about these social problems.

3. Sharing Good Ideas & Enlightening People

When like-minded people meet at a Q and A platform, not only the parties involved are benefitted but also third parties that is all of us are. This feature brings about a lot of information and knowledge to everyone.
Sometimes government and other big organizations get the ideas, to solve the problems on bigger level, from the ideas shared by creative & thoughtful people on online platforms like My Selfless Act.

4. Building Community

It is better to do good things together. Everybody gets advantage when all people come together and work to help their communities. There are simply no cons of networking, as a professional volunteer you need to meet like-minded people and find NGOs and charities working for the betterment of the society.

Give it a look here by downloading MY SELFLESS ACT App.

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