5 Reasons Why People Do Not Volunteer

5 Reasons Why People Do Not Volunteer

"It is easy to know the path of wisdom but difficult to follow it" I read this in back in grade 1 of school. This statement has stayed with me and with time I have understood it could not be more correct. With volunteer work it is no different. Even though we expect kindness and generosity to flourish in the world we seldom make the initiative efforts, do we?

We can make a difference not only by cashing on nonprofit volunteering opportunities ourselves but also inspire people to carry out volunteer work.

In this blog we will shed light on some of the common reasons that people have for volunteering and what is the solution.

What are the common reasons that people do not cash into volunteering opportunities?

1. I am busy

Truth be told, the best prospects are busy people. It is always difficult to add to a full schedule. At times they may also think that if they volunteer for one event you would expect them to do it again many times.

2. I don't know where to start

Well begun is half finished! It is only the beginning that is so difficult. Patrons at time have the motivation to start but have no proper channel to visit, nor the right people to meet. You can sign up on My Selfless Act and find nearby suitable volunteering options.

3. I am not rich

Many prospective volunteers think that having a financial source to spare is the only way they can volunteer. That's further away from the truth. You can seek volunteer opportunities online and find all the ways you can do volunteer work that doesn't involve money.

4. I don't know how can I be of help

- Volunteering with your time (Donate your time to a good cause)
- With your computer skills help NGOs online (Online volunteering / Home based volunteering)
- Teach what you know

5. I don't know anyone who volunteers!

What people mean by this is that they do not have anyone to guide them properly throughout their volunteering journey. My Selfless Act is the online volunteering guide you need. Not only you can get inspired, but can also find like-minded people and a dynamic list of volunteering needs around you. You can also share your pictures and updates of your volunteer work on your wall to ripple kindness.

Give it a look here by downloading MY SELFLESS ACT App.

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