How Can You Help Poor & Needy People During Summer Vacations?

How Can You Help Poor People During Summer Vacations?

Yay! Summer vacations have begun and these are the best days of the year, aren't they, after the gruelling annual examination you can now finally go out and play with your friends, or with your cousins. This is the season of art and craft classes, late sleeping hours, playing cricket with friends and a lot of video games, isn't it?

All this is fun and good, but you know how terrible is the heat outside don’t you? With all this free time at hand should you not do some good volunteer work for people less luckier than you?

Here's how you can spend your summer vacations in the best way by helping the poor:

1. Write Letters To Your Friends On Poverty

The first thing you need to do is gather people by spreading the word out. You have to make your friends understand how dire is the situation of poverty in India, and not only that, how are poor people affected during the summers.
Write a letter to all your friends describing the same and asking them to find volunteering for students online or offline, with you.
You will be able to squeeze more benefits from volunteering opportunities if you work with your friends, not to mention how much more fun that would be.

2. Teach Kids First Aid

You can use this volunteering opportunities by doing some educational volunteer work, for instance if teach kids of rural areas some very essential things that you have been taught at school.
You can teach them which medicines to use if they or anyone around them shows any signs of being struck by a heat wave. You can also teach them some first aid practices.
Not only that, you can also teach kids of rural areas how to read and count.

3. Gather and Distribute Things

Post on social media about your summer vacation volunteering plan and that you need people to donate summer essentials for charity. You can ask for Sunscreen lotions, medicines, old umbrellas, green nets that one can hang outdoors, water containers and most importantly old footwear.
If some patrons come forward to donate money make sure you get your parents to help you out with the same.
Now it is your job to distribute these things to the poor and needy, make sure to have some adults with you.

4. Make Water Available

Water is the most important essential during summers, especially for the people living on roadsides. Fill water jugs where you can. Give them huge containers where they can fill water and use water from.

5. Be a Part of An NGO

You and your friends can look for non-profit volunteer opportunities online or near you to associate with NGOs and try Interning with an NGO. This will make volunteer work easy for you and you will also learn new things about charity along with making new friends!
Well, all these opportunities are unpaid but here are the benefits you would earn out of it - Gain real-world experience, networking, and of course making a difference.

My Selfless Act is a social networking platform where you can find a lot of volunteer opportunities online. You can also post pictures and share your volunteering work with your friends, family and inspire more and more people.

We hope that you will make the summer of poor people easy & happy, and will inspire others to do the same, happy holidays!

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