Meet Inspiring Volunteers On MY SELFLESS ACT To Get Influenced & Get Guidance

Meet Inspiring Volunteers On My Selfless Act

My Selfless Act is an online platform that brings volunteer across the world together, promotes online volunteering opportunities and also spreads the good news to the world. With this portal, you can meet like-minded people and also get influenced and get guidance to start volunteering.

Enrolling yourself for different volunteering programs is one of the best things that you can do for your community and the people living around you. As a part of this act, there are different organizations and NGO’s who are dedicated to this work and want to make the world a better place to live.

On My Selfless Act you will find people who are working for the eradication of different problems in our society and getting restraint in our lives.

So, as a part of this website, we have a few volunteers among us who actually have a lot to share about their experience, working and the activities which they have done for the society.

Let us get you to meet some of these inspiring people:

1. Vrushty Maradiya

Vrushty Maradiya is a physiotherapist and a dedicated volunteer whose work has been immense for society in cities like Ahmedabad. She dreams to live in such a world which is free from problems and poverty. She has been working for women’s education. She works with full dedication towards the areas around her and has also been doing her work in different parts of the city to glorify it all together.

2. Nilang Gor

Nilang Gor is a process development engineer in a pharmaceutical company who is more passionate towards the society he lives in San Francisco and wants to reduce homelessness and also improve animal rights. In his bio, on My Selfless Act, he mentioned that he wants to fight different social issues, and this is something which he does by reaching out to different groups of the society and discussing their problems. He is a founder of "Cultivate Empathy for All" non-profit organization. We need more people like Nilang Gor.

3. Kosin Rita

Kosin Rita is known for her immense work for deaf children’s education for which she has been running the Timvisual Foundation that has been reaching out to such children and working for their betterment. She believes that we are all one in the eyes of God and we should actually work and do everything 'Together'.

4. Aadil Momin

Aadil Momin is a resident of Ahmedabad and has been volunteering in different programs. He is a 12th standard student who has been working for his society and is in really making a difference by inviting and young people to do the same. People like him reignite our hope in the youth of our nation.

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