How to Help Natural Disaster Affected Communities?

How to Help Natural Disaster Affected Communities?

This monsoon season, many states in India have faced heavy thunderstorms and rainfalls. There are so many villages and cities converted in the islands having no food, electricity and facing constant heavy rain. The natural disasters are difficult to stop by you or us, but we all can help the needy people with some sort of volunteer work.

If you are not really sure what you can do, here are tried and tested top 3 volunteer work in India that you can do to help communities suffering because of heavy rain and other natural disasters.

1. Give money

This is the easiest way to contribute to helping others. You can look for a reliable volunteer network that collects funds and passes to the victims of the affected area. This is one kind of online volunteering opportunity available to all of us. You can donate a small or big amount based on your own will. You also get a receipt from the volunteer network that collects funds. However, make sure to donate to the organization you know or can trust because the fraud cases of collecting funds and not passing to survivors also happen during this time.

2. Give food and other useful items

In cases of natural disasters, survivors often deal with homeless situations. Even if they are in the home, almost everything is ruined and they don't even get the basic amenities like food, milk, medicines, blankets, etc. Some NGOs and volunteer networks in India collect useful items and passes to the survivors and victims of natural disasters. If you live in a society where multiple people are ready to help, you can also make food packets and send them to the NGO & volunteer network to pass it to the affected people. You can find these NGOs and volunteer groups info on social media or on radio & TV. If you are sending food then make sure to cook food that doesn't get rotten too fast. You can also send used or new clothes, blankets, raincoats, water bottles, and other necessary items to help people in need.

3. Participate in relief activities

When we see news flashes how people are suffering from natural disasters, many of us feel a strong urge travelling to the affected area and take a volunteer spot to help people physically. Well, it is more advisable to not travel to the affected areas as this can harm more than help if you are not the one who can fit into the volunteer spot that can help people over there. If you are a trained NCC or other kinds of volunteer, then no need to wait and just go out there to help the victims. You can also donate blood to support the victims or reach out to the local volunteer organizations in India to see how else you can help the victims.

If you are getting thoughts of helping the community suffering due to natural disaster, you have already taken a step towards volunteer work. All you need to do is connect with the right volunteer network and activities.

You can use the platform like MY SELFLESS ACT to get the info about, how to help disaster victims, and to connect with the NGOs & other volunteer groups working for disaster relief.

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