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It's In Giving That We Receive, And the Time We Volunteer to Uplift Society Is a Selfless Act Pronounced!

We may have all the best of things around; a house to live in, a car to drive, good education, food on the table, care and love from near and dear ones, and enough of materialistic pleasures to see us through. But are we all that fortunate; some of us are not. This is why, the old adage that goes 'sharing is caring' holds true right here. Your precious time when converted into volunteer opportunities can actually brighten up someone's day.

It can bring a smile to the less fortunate and light a ray of hope in someone’s dead end dark life too. Think about it. You don't have to spend a bomb to make someone’s life better, but use the volunteer social networking site to check out how you can be the candle in the wind, an inspiration to someone else.

The joy of giving and sharing your time

Why do we want to be selfless? What is with the MY SELFLESS ACT which makes it so special? To begin with, this would be your platform to make a difference in the world, with your actions so selfless and to inspire others or get inspired too. Your commitment towards making a social change is what the world looks forward to, and with the immense volunteer opportunities, available on MY SELFLESS ACT, you never know whose spirit and life you could uplift with an act of kindness or generosity.

You can share ideas with team members, non-profit organizations, NGO’s and individuals that have come forth to impact the many lives around positively. This makes the world a safer and a better place for them, and for you; you thus empower the young minds and souls to share a vision of making it together with ideas and ventures that can work for the betterment of society, sans expectations in return.
Hence, the MY SELFLESS ACT opportunities can be an eye opener for one and all- we thus can make the world a better place, one person at a time through change and positive development.

What else can be done?

The ideas that come forth are one too many to choose from and they all are for the highest good of societal needs. There are various areas of societal changes that can be thought off, and inspired or worked upon. Some of them most pressing would be:

  • Funding for schools and education for the impoverished
  • Helping people out of intoxicant and substance abuse
  • Helping those without a home to call their own
  • Bringing people out of the pangs of poverty through various ways
  • Strong emphasis on women and child education and empowerment
  • Animal welfare and care
  • Standing up against domestic violence
  • Disaster preparedness and more

Why volunteer with My Selfless Act?

A word to spread about MY SELFLESS ACT is the first step of inspiration that you could bestow on someone by doing so. In spreading the word about the generous and wonderful acts of individuals or the work you do to brighten up a life or many lives, you are cultivating awareness among the masses. This helps bring in more prospective volunteers, donors and supporters, who would then take the experiences and the inspiration forward in an efficient way.
Adding more awareness is a welcoming act, and doing that through new-age social media or the volunteer social networking site is the way to go. Sharing what you do, your work, your life with the MY SELFLESS ACT team and their work too, and the activities conducted, helps you make a connection with the ones out there willing to take up volunteer opportunities.

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