Cultivate Empathy for All

Our vision is to shape the world where we understand our interconnectedness and use empathetic approach in our personal, social and professional life.
We are more interconnected and interdependent in our world than we think. Our ecosystem is built on the principle of interconnectedness. While science allows us to understand few of the interactions in ecosystem, the entire image of our interconnectedness with other individuals, species and environment is still beyond our intellectual grasp. But we certainly understood the importance of having a system built on the principle of interconnection. As a result, we developed our social, economic and political systems that rely on our interconnectedness. The ability to see the entire system with its interacting parts is called System Thinking. Nature has given us a tool in order to successfully coexist in perfect harmony with our interconnected surrounding. This precious gift is our ability to empathize with others. Empathy comes from the Greek empatheia—em (into) and pathos (feeling)—a penetration, a kind of travel. Empathy is our ability to connect with others physically, psychologically and emotionally. But the misconception that the greater fulfillment lies within hoarding more “toys” has deteriorated the truth of interconnection from our awareness. The resultant individualism born out of greed gives rise to our social, economic and environmental issues and injustice
Cultivate Empathy for All is a volunteer group of empathy enthusiasts who are bringing back the culture of empathy in government, business and social work sectors through system thinking. We reach out to various groups, companies and organizations in the community and provide free presentations on ways in which empathy could be applied in their context and setting.

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