Inspiring Volunteer Story - Driven Volunteer Sonal Gaglani

Inspiring Volunteers Story

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest of intention" quotes one of our most favourite philosophers and poets of all time, Khalil Gibran from the modern day Lebanon. The coherence between attitude and behaviour is not much, and people that talk about kindness do not manifest it all the time because of priorities, or the efforts it may take. But if you want to tilt the world towards a better place you should act, and what you do ripples more than you can imagine. There are people who have embodied their philosophy and are now inspiring others to move ahead in the benevolent direction of altruism and philanthropy.

One such person is Sonal Gaglani, Ahmedabad based woman who has dedicated a generous amount of time of her life to outdoor volunteering activities. She is an active volunteer at Robin Hood Army - Ahmedabad. Her volunteering activities is what we are to promote through our kindness inspiring social media platform.

The world clearly needs people like her. Thank you for her we are able to spread the message of goodness more effectively. Let us take you on a tour to her generous acts and we all shall be inspired together:

1. In this picture Sonal is seen in a compound with her colleagues, preparing Boondi Laddu for near buy slum area in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The people were thoroughly delighted by the dessert. Inspires us to be grateful.

2. One more volunteering activity in which she participated to distribute food and cloths to 10k+ people

3. The picture is self-explanatory. Sonal celebrated the Children's day with less privileged kids and organized fun activities for these lovely kids of Robin Hood Academy. They played games together and as you can see enjoyed a sumptuous meal later on. Ah, what a better way to celebrate Childrenss day than this.

4. "It was a fun picnic with kids" she captions this picture on My Selfless Act. Activities like craft, drawing, dance, garba, yoga, were arranged by her and her team for underprivileged children.

5. Kindness knows no religion, she volunteered to serve food at Gurudwara Govind Dham on the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti.

6. She is being an active volunteer at Robin Hood Women's Academy. She gives basic knowledge and skills to all women. She believes literacy can be delivered at any age.

7. This is one of our favourite pictures. It has been taken during the time of Xmas as you can see the bright red Santa Claus caps. She's seen here dancing with specially-abled kids.

We appreciate your efforts and you truly resonate Ursula K Le Guin’s quote, "the only thing you have is what you are and what you can give". Like Sonal, you can also inspire others and spread goodness. Visit to know more about volunteering opportunities near you.

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