5 Secrets to Live a Meaningful Life by Helping Others

Right from the first birthday that we cut to the clothes that we handed down to the needy,the act of giving has been etched into our minds. According to numerous saints, philosophers, and philanthropists, the secret to living a happy and content life is by Giving. According to My Selfless Act, a social networking site for volunteers, if you are keen to help someone or want to indulge in the act of giving, then below-mentioned tips will help you out. Have a look:

1. Discover Your Passion

Your act of giving should be based on your passion and not out of any compulsion. It is not how much you give but how much willing you were to give.Helping someone out of any sort of compulsion will not bring any peace to your heart or mind.

2. Invest Your Time

There is nothing more precious than your time. The gift of time holds more value than any gift bought with money. While all of us don't have the same amount of money to give but we do have an equal amount of time. Whether it's just a few hours in a day or a couple of days in a week, devoting some time for helping others will bring you a lot of solitude.

3. Donate to Charitable Organizations

It's always advised to donate to organizations or trusts that show transparency in their aims as well as results. Making donations to a trust that does not clearly specify where is the entire money going is equal to wasting it.

4. Give Out of Your Will

When it comes to a case wherein your friend or a relative is hosting a fundraiser event, you tend to donate to avoid humiliation rather than out of some concern. In such cases, you will not feel content after donating but will just feel resentment.

5. Don't Give Due to Guilt-Tripping

When you indulge in the act of giving, expecting something in return would just make you an opportunist. However, this does not mean that you donate or give out of guilt tripping rather than your own will.

For all those who want to share their experiences, thoughts, and tips to make the act of giving a truly content and satisfying one, you can do so on My Selfless Act. Also you can find volunteer opportunities and Non-profits/NGOs for donations on My Selfless Act. It is a platform that connects all the people who look forward to giving and helping the needy people of the society.

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