Volunteer At These NGOs To Make a Difference

The best known face for social good and working for human upliftment is Kailash Satyarthi; who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 for his work to alleviate child trafficking. Since then, there has been a spur in NGOs cropping up in the country; which is working in the favour of the nation.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world- a country that has the potential to do so well for itself given, the social conditions in the country improve. It is a known fact that poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, hygiene among others is a serious issue in the country. There is a serious need for social upliftment in the country.

Devote time for social upliftment

In these situations, volunteer opportunities in NGOs across the nation have come out that gives a chance to the common folk to work for social betterment. Most of these are pro bono. As a volunteer, people are required to devote their time and nothing else. Volunteers could either devote their time teaching underprivileged children or teaching basic utilities to women in a village.

Volunteers could also help empower women, or devote their time in an old-age home to help senile people. They could also start motivating other people to do the same and make a difference to the society.

Not only will this help promote social good in the society, it will also make you feel good about your own self having done a deed of great importance. You could make a difference to a dozen of lives around you, empower them and uplift them. Perhaps, it will help you sleep better at night!

Volunteering for social good

There are a lot of credential NGOs that you could join or engage with in order to start a process of social change.

An acronym for Child Rights and You, CRY is one of the best non-profit child rights organizations that help underprivileged children across the nation and help them develop wings to fly away. In fact, they are spread across the world and you could stand for some really interesting volunteer opportunities that could make a difference.

My Selfless Act is a platform that has aimed at the youth for volunteer opportunities since their very inception. My Selfless Act believes that the youth of a nation can do a lot to bring change. They have come up with a social networking site for volunteers that enable youngsters to share their experiences of committing deeds for social good. My Selfless Act echoes the thought that sharing these on a social networking site for volunteers could help empower other people to stand up for volunteering in the same spirit.

A simple act of volunteering to change the social status of our country could initiate a process that would help empower thousands. Join My Selfless Act today.

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