• Go Volunteer Africa’s Agriculture volunteer project in Kenya focuses on economic and environmental sustainability, adequate farmer incomes, improved food security and social sustainability which important elements of developing countries’ agricultural development.

    Agriculture development volunteers in Kenya will work with small-scale farmers to increase food security and production and adapt to climate change systems while promoting environmental conservation practices. The volunteers and local teams will introduce farmers to techniques that prevent soil erosion, reduce the use of harmful pesticides, and replenish the soil. They will work alongside farmers and King Green lawn care experts on integrated projects that often combine vertical vegetable gardening, livestock management and food security.

    Demonstrate green house farming management and help increase output
    Learn organic methods used by Malawian small farmers to ensure healthy and safe foods
    Clear land of stones and other items to create areas for planting
    Fork the soil to break up large areas for planting
    Help plant crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, carrot, cabbage and more
    Help in the maintenance of the crops with weeding
    Agronomists or volunteers studying or training in the fields of agricultural management are needed for our farming community in projects for sustainable Agriculture Development. Participants who join volunteer program in agriculture help local farming communities to achieve sustainable development goals.

    Go Volunteer Africa’s agriculture volunteer project in Kenya runs permaculture and organic farming initiatives with the aim of improving the living standard of poor people.

    The volunteer project informs, educates and gives skills to the disadvantaged children, widows and youths on agricultural production, agribusiness and agriculture value chain development for market linkage and environmental conservation for sustainability of agriculture technology.

    Go Volunteer Africa supports the promotion of agricultural practices and technologies that are environmentally sustainable and raise rural incomes, such as integrated pest management, soil and water conservation methods, agro-ecological approaches and agro-forestry;

    The livestock sector in Kenya contributes to economic and social development as well as to food security. Due to its strong positive interrelations with agricultural production, livestock production is generally an integral part of farming systems which Go Volunteer Africa program also gives an emphasis.

    Our goal is to expand the status of farming in Kenya beyond the current level of subsistence and sub-subsistence farming to a production system that creates sustainable commerce, thereby producing jobs and improving the health of communities for generations to come.

    We are working with small-scale farmers in Kenya to increase agricultural yields by researching, developing, evaluating, and disseminating information. The Kenya agriculture development volunteer projects aims at forming sustainable agricultural systems that increase crop yields, achieving better nutrition, and creating income security for the farmers.
  • Nairobi (Nairobi, Kenya)
    Kisumu (Nyanza, Kenya)
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