• Rabbits are social animals. Just like dogs and cats, rabbits love to interact with their human friends. Also, rabbits need to run freely for their physical health. Unfortunately, most rescued rabbits spend months and sometimes years in a small cage at shelters before getting adopted. The Shelter staff and volunteers often get overwhelmed with routine work that they don't have enough time for much needed human interaction and play time with rabbits. As a result, rabbits in shelters feel extremely lonely being stuck in a cage for a long time. Many times, older bunnies get surrendered by their owners to the shelters and they lack a friend who can share their compelling story for quicker adoption.
    As a result, we are organizing a group of Empathy Educators who are willing to be the faithful friends of rabbits at the shelters. We will do following things:
    (1) Co-ordinate among ourselves to bring fresh veggies to shelter rabbits.
    (2) Co-ordinate with shelter staff to bring rabbits out of their cage for a play time.
    (3) Learn stories of rabbits who have been waiting to be adopted for a long time and share their stories in social media and appropriate groups for finding either their foster parents or forever homes.
    (4) we will provide presentations in our local communities to spread the awareness.
  • Berkeley (California, United States)
  • Minimum 1 hour Weekly
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