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We are just up and moving, we need all areas covered across the nation.
Emergency Responders of TexasVIEW DETAILS
A photography volunteer project in Kenya provides the perfect opportunity to discover the wonders of the African wilderness, whilst contributing to the social-economic development of a needy community. Taking part in a photography volunteer project in Kenya is sure adventure in a land famou...
Go Volunteer AfricaVIEW DETAILS
You can join our volunteers group and participate in different kind of volunteering activities. Whether you want to volunteer to help environment or want to do something for women empowerment or teach art to underprivileged children or want to help with healthcare or simply want to celebrate your bi...
Karke Dekho Acha Lagta HaiVIEW DETAILS
Workshops and training help train our peer educators, staff and community in areas you are knowledgeable in and feel would be beneficial e.g. IT skills, vocational skills, financial and business skills, or any other. We have hosted volunteers from all over the world and therefore we have th...
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