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eVidyaloka needs volunteer to contribute for just 2 hrs in a week in order to create an impact in rural students' learning.
eVidyaloka TrustVIEW DETAILS
WE WORK TO BRIGHTEN THE FUTURE OF UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN. We need volunteers to handle the Administration and Management related tasks. Mostly you need to document and find fun and interesting ways to explore lessons creatively in the classroom. These ways will be implemented by Teachers...
Volunteers require for our NGO's social media posts. We are working for slum children, and you will get our regular activities info & pics from WhatsApp group. You need to write and post these stories on our social media profiles, so it can help to create awareness and reach more people. You c...
We need a volunteer who can make creative graphic designs for the social media posts. You can work on this from your office or home whenever it's convenient. If you like to create designs which can inspire others, and if you have internet connection then this is a best opportunity for you to help ...
Robin Hood Army AhmedabadVIEW DETAILS
Workshops and training help train our peer educators, staff and community in areas you are knowledgeable in and feel would be beneficial e.g. IT skills, vocational skills, financial and business skills, or any other. We have hosted volunteers from all over the world and therefore we have th...
Ashray is presenting opportunities for aspiring volunteers to get involved in a variety of training with youth and women in Ahmedabad city.
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