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We have multiple available positions for volunteers to fill and we would love to have you join in helping us make a difference.
Daring 2 B Different IncVIEW DETAILS
Community development volunteers are engaged in a number of projects conservation, teaching, building and sports projects to medical, women support and youth empowerment projects. There are many ways in which community development volunteers could spend their time, as well as their skills, ...
Ssamba FoundationVIEW DETAILS
Many children in Uganda served don't have the opportunity to receive proper coaching and they lack basic sports skills. Participants on our Sports Volunteering Project Uganda work with schools and community teams after school. Sports have the power to bring people together. It speaks a universal l...
Ssamba FoundationVIEW DETAILS
You will be working with our women empowerment program that looks at improving the quality of life for women in Mukono rural and semi-urban communities by providing economic stability. This Women Volunteering Project Uganda has a number of projects that aim to transform the livelihoods of t...
Ssamba FoundationVIEW DETAILS
We are just up and moving, we need all areas covered across the nation.
Emergency Responders of TexasVIEW DETAILS
Train caregivers about dementia. Counsel caregivers, family and persons with dementia.
Our Liaison Family Program (LFP) connects new hires of the Portland Police Bureau with families in the Portland area. We ask Liaison Families to provide support, friendship, community history, community events, area introductions, and anything else that will help integrate our new police officers in...
Face to Face PortlandVIEW DETAILS
We are running women's academy to empower the women living in a slum area. This Women Empowerment project aims to develop strength of women socially, economically & emotionally. We teach them basic Math, English and Vocational skills. If women are equipped with the right resources,...
Robin Hood Army AhmedabadVIEW DETAILS
Child Friendly Space (CFS) is the informal program for children of slum workers and it encompasses different important aspects of well-being namely education, health, nutrition. The programme aims to pull out mass of construction worker's children from labour work and to engage them in meaningful ...
Workshops and training help train our peer educators, staff and community in areas you are knowledgeable in and feel would be beneficial e.g. IT skills, vocational skills, financial and business skills, or any other. We have hosted volunteers from all over the world and therefore we have th...
Ashray is presenting opportunities for aspiring volunteers to get involved in a variety of training with youth and women in Ahmedabad city.
Ashray Social Welfare FoundationVIEW DETAILS
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