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We need a volunteer who can make creative graphic designs for the social media posts. You can work on this from your office or home whenever it's convenient. If you like to create designs which can inspire others, and if you have internet connection then this is a best opportunity for you to help .....
Community development volunteers are engaged in a number of projects conservation, teaching, building and sports projects to medical, women support and youth empowerment projects. There are many ways in which community development volunteers could spend their time, as well as their skills, ...
Ssamba FoundationVIEW DETAILS
The Healthcare Volunteering Project Uganda offers skilled medical professionals with the chance to experience a new culture and working environment, while learning and developing their specialized medical knowledge. The Healthcare Volunteering Project Uganda run by Ssamba Foundation is best suited t...
Ssamba FoundationVIEW DETAILS
We are just up and moving, we need all areas covered across the nation.
Emergency Responders of TexasVIEW DETAILS
Be able to treat victims and patients will illnesses and injuries
Brisbane Emergency Rescue SquadVIEW DETAILS
Train caregivers about dementia. Counsel caregivers, family and persons with dementia.
Helps spread awareness of dementia and mobilise people to avail of training and counseling with Varishta. Training will be provided.
You can join our volunteers group and participate in different kind of volunteering activities. Whether you want to volunteer to help environment or want to do something for women empowerment or teach art to underprivileged children or want to help with healthcare or simply want to celebrate your bi...
Karke Dekho Acha Lagta HaiVIEW DETAILS
It is a known fact that blood donation can go a long way when it comes to saving lives. Blood donation is safe for the blood donor and can even have several positive effects on the health. There is no artificial substitute for blood which is why regular blood donation is vital to many patients suffe...
Those with some medical training / background/ interest, to help in rural health centers, hospitals and provide health education to different groups within the community and work with our HIV and malaria projects. We have hosted volunteers from all over the world and therefore we ha...
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