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1. Manage and develop the fundraising strategy for current and prospective major and legacy donors. 2. Identify trusts and foundations for potential funding opportunites, and cultivate relationships. 3. Maintain regular contact with specific groups of donors, and act as a professional conta...
Rabbits are social animals. Just like dogs and cats, rabbits love to interact with their human friends. Also, rabbits need to run freely for their physical health. Unfortunately, most rescued rabbits spend months and sometimes years in a small cage at shelters before getting adopted. The Shelter sta...
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Animal farming is an unsustainable practice that results in the violation of animal rights, negative impacts on our environment, natural resources and degradation of human health. Berkeley council has unanimously declared climate emergency in 2018 and committed to take required steps in minimizing c...
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Volunteer to help rescued bunnies at a non-profit called RabbitEars, which is a home for rescued bunnies from the slaughter house located in El cerrito San Francisco. You can help to clean their cages. You can bring cilantro to feed these bunnies and you can also play with them :)
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