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Need volunteers who can cook masala vegetable khichdi for 100 people once a week. You can do this during weekend or weekdays at your home whenever it's convenient for you. You can distribute this food at nearby your area or if you need help with distribution then more volunteers can join you.
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We cook wholesome food at home and share with people on the street for free of cost. We set up our Hope Kitchen on weekends Saturday & Sunday evening, where we cook for minimum 150 people. We didn't have to spend much as people donate gas, grains, vegetables, oil & ghee, everything. Need mor...
Do you have a garden/access to fresh vegetables and/or soup bones? We need more soup cooks – ideally we will build up a roster so that each volunteer would only need to cook once or twice a month to keep us going. We can supply you with some ingredients and/or a budget if you could use that. ...
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