• Volunteers in Uganda joining Ssamba Foundation’s free volunteer abroad programs for graduates will work with children, school, community projects and in medical programs. Volunteers going to Uganda live with local Ugandan host family for the duration of their placement.

    You can travel to Uganda and join the free volunteer abroad programs for graduates for short term placement volunteering. You will have plenty of volunteer opportunities in Uganda. The country needs much support, and offers many opportunities for self-development. It is a great location for anyone wishing to help by doing some overseas voluntary work.

    All volunteer placements in Uganda are very flexible giving you the opportunity to take some time off and explore the country. The exact volunteering placement is finalized shortly before arrival and takes into consideration:

    Your skills and preferences
    The needs and requirements of various projects

    Read More: https://ssamba.org/volunteering-projects/free-volunteer-abroad-programs-for-graduates/
  • Volunteer Teaching in Uganda: Free volunteer abroad programs for graduates

    Volunteer teachers in Uganda are involved in many different tasks. They teach English and other languages, teach sports, teach computer skills, new skills to children and youth.

    You will typically work with children aged 4 – 17 years and teach at some of the poorly resourced schools in Uganda. You do not need a formal teaching qualification or TEFL in order to participate at the volunteer teaching projects. You can do volunteer teaching as a career break or during an extended holiday.

    Volunteer teachers are able to teach on their own after orientation or assist local teachers. You will make a significant contribution by improving the pupils conversational English. In some instances, even the teachers need to learn English from native speakers. This gives them confidence and increased exposure to spoken English. It enables them to advance their language skills and enhance their chances of a brighter future.

    Childcare Volunteer Projects: free volunteer abroad programs for graduates

    Our childcare support volunteers in Uganda make a real contribution in enriching the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. The children are aged 0 – 12 years old. Some have been orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, taken off the streets or have been abandoned in hospital after birth.

    Some vulnerable children will be handicapped and will have suffered so much at a tender age. With your help and donations, they can get a brighter future. There are volunteer opportunities to teach the school going children, counsel, help with feeding, cooking, cleaning, and creating fun activities for the orphans.

    You will play an important role in the education and development of the children in Uganda, ensuring that they are well looked after and that they attend to their duties and do their homework.

    Medical Volunteer Projects in Uganda: free volunteer abroad programs for graduates

    Medical volunteers are needed in clinics and hospitals. The medical program is suitable for:

    Medical graduates and students
    Qualified medical personnel
    Anyone wishing to help in the health sector.
    free volunteer abroad program

    Medical volunteer projects are very helpful in preparation of a medical career. The volunteer placement is tailored, where possible, to your level of experience, interests, and size and type of hospital or clinic.

    You will experience great contrast between medical practice in developed countries and developing countries. You will also see many medical conditions that have remained untreated for long thus developing to advanced pathological stage.

    Hospital volunteers observe or directly assist doctors and nurses. You can do rounds with the doctors assisting in various ways.

    Medical Volunteer areas include:

    Traditional Medicine
    Our programs are flexible and volunteers can arrive and depart on any day all year round. The Uganda volunteer program is open to volunteers from all countries. Our volunteers in Uganda come from different backgrounds and bring their much needed skills and experiences.

    You can come if you are retired, a student, need a carrier break, or need time to decide what to do with your life. We have something for everyone; young or old. Come and discover how things work in a different culture.
  • Mukono (Central, Uganda)
  • Volunteers work Monday through Friday. Every weekday morning, breakfast is served from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM, and at 9:00 AM on Saturday. The workday generally finishes around 4pm and dinner is served at our home from 7pm-9pm.
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