• Ssamba Foundation is offering free volunteer abroad programs for couples in Uganda. Volunteer in Uganda opportunities for couples offered by our organization, gives you an opportunity to work with grass roots projects in rural Uganda.

    Volunteering as a couple doubles your charitable impact and can strengthen your connection to your partner. Scheduling time together is an important part of any relationship, and free volunteer abroad programs for couples are a wonderful way to deepen your bond by sharing your experiences and supporting a cause you’re both passionate about.

    Volunteer Roles on the Free volunteer abroad programs for couples:

    As a couple, volunteering in this program, you will experience traditional Ugandan life and participate in daily activities such as visiting elderly villagers, construction and building, teaching children in outside classrooms, assisting in the setting up vegetable gardens, youth health talks, high school English teaching, feeding animals as well as health outreach programs and so many other activities.

    Teaching and Medical Volunteer Work in Uganda:

    These free volunteer abroad programs for couples serve the most vulnerable community members in Mukono District. The main focus is providing education and healthcare to hundreds of children and poor dwellers in the surrounding villages. A village school provides English and language lessons, Math, health lessons to children 3yrs-14yrs old for primary and 15-19years for high schools. The school provides not only needed education but opportunities for sports activities, health talks, feeding center and meeting place for the community.

    Community Development Activities:

    The community development projects under the free volunteer abroad programs for couples include livestock-pen construction and repairs, elderly home repairs, health/HIV/AIDS workshops, youth education, animal rearing, water and sanitation (including well and waterway construction) and project planning and management or other skills that can help us transform this community

    With our volunteer program in place, we allow couples like you to discover the wonders of rural Uganda, while doing meaningful and rewarding community work. This is a great opportunity to explore life in rural Uganda, live and work amongst the locals and realize one person can make a difference.
  • This is a rural community, with dirt roads that turn to sticky mud in the rainy season and dust in the dry season. Boda- Boda bikes share the road with bicycles and animals. As in most parts of Uganda, the community members struggle to meet their basic needs and strive to put their children in school. Main jobs include brick making, selling fruits and vegetables, small scale animal rearing and other manual labor jobs.
  • Mukono (Central, Uganda)
  • Volunteers work Monday through Friday. Every weekday morning, breakfast is served from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM, and at 9:00 AM on Saturday. The workday generally finishes around 4pm and dinner is served at our home from 7pm-9pm.
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