• This volunteer role involves planning and managing different groups. Need to build & maintain co-operative internal and external relationships as part of local support group.
    Plants seeds and creates momentum: Point out things that can be done and support anyone that steps up to achieve them. Create a positive environment for people that want to use the benefits of the community to achieve something.
    You need to be a great moderator of resolving disputes. You will also handle PR and need to identify community assets and resources.

    This kind of volunteering will put you amongst all kinds of people. You don’t just get a new perspective on the rich diversity of our communities, but you learn to get comfortable talking to people you’ve just met, as well as how to start and sustain conversations. You’ll also have a chance to observe how others navigate in the nonprofit work environment and learn other social skills, all while building self confidence.
  • Experience of working collaboratively, Communication Skills
  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India)
  • At your convenience
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