• Animal farming is an unsustainable practice that results in the violation of animal rights, negative impacts on our environment, natural resources and degradation of human health. Berkeley council has unanimously declared climate emergency in 2018 and committed to take required steps in minimizing climate change. In alignment with this resolution, we appeal the Council and Environment Commission to consider negative impact of animal farming on our environment and create 2025 vision for reducing the use of animal products in Berkeley.

    According UN report in 2006, more greenhouse gas is generated by animal farming than the entire transportation sector. Animal farming accounts for 9% CO2 and 37% methane emission. We cannot ignore the negative impact of animal farming if we are genuinely committed to address climate change being the biggest challenge of humankind.

    As a result, we create series of events on social media sites to organize community residents to speak at the Council and Commission meetings during non-agenda items. We write follow up emails with further details along with a request for an opportunity to provide a presentation summarizing animal faming impact on our environment. You can join and volunteer to help in this activity.
  • Presentation skills
  • Berkeley (California, United States)
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