• This arts and music volunteering project Uganda, will take you to the heart of the Pearl of Africa where you will get involved in meaningful volunteer work. We ask volunteers interested in the Uganda volunteer work to commit at least twelve weeks (3 months) in order to ensure a worthwhile experience. But we accept volunteers from a minimum of 4 weeks’ duration.

    The Uganda Arts volunteering project gives you the chance not only to make a positive impact in a needy community, gain leadership experience and build new skills, but also to share your knowledge and provide valuable skills to youth and children.

    Ssamba Foundation offers opportunities to volunteer with Arts and Music projects in Uganda from one week to three months or more. The arts and music volunteer projects are set up in various communities across Uganda.

    Volunteers in our program experience traditional Ugandan life and participate in daily roles of the project such teaching children various basic instruments from piano, cello and guitar etc. The children are aged between 8 and 19. It is therefore important that volunteers be enthusiastic about music and able to inspire the children to develop both theoretical and practical musical, arts and dance knowledge and skills.

    Volunteering in Uganda with Ssamba Foundation’s arts and music project will not only allow you to positively influence lives, but you can also learn about a variety of musical styles and genres, as well as about the deep and fascinating histories that this country has with music.
  • As arts and music volunteer in Uganda you can choose from creative arts, music and dance project where you can apply your creative eye and enthusiasm while volunteering and living at the heart of a community. When you choose to volunteer in Uganda with Ssamba Foundation, you will be involved dancing, painting, drawing or music classes for children and adults.

    Your creativity will inspire children and youth who want to develop their talents. On our Uganda arts, dance and music volunteer project you can teach Arts and painting to the children, or rehearse with the girls of a ballet class. Ssamba Foundation’s Arts and Music projects are far more than just entertainment; it can be a powerful force for community building, nurturing human creativity, and social empowerment for future growth and employment opportunities.
  • Mukono (Central, Uganda)
  • From Monday to Friday your days are full of engaging with the community. In the morning you will attend activities, workshops and teaching whereas in the afternoon you will be engaged in other cultural events.

    During the weekend you get the chance to experience the beauty of Uganda, travel around across the country, go for safaris (at your own expenses), and explore the culture.
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